Who is responsible for the damages already done by CCIL


We started writing letters and meetings with  Authorities regarding the ill effects of Air Pollution consequent to the pollution creating Industries like CCIL right since 2013 on wards. 25 Meetings with different agencies of the Administration and 13 Letters to the Administrative Authorities at different levels were written regarding Air Pollution which is more dangerous than Ebola, Aids or Cancer.(Details of  Work done by RWA/AOA on Air Pollution / CCIL are attached)

A DHARNA was also organized at the Dist HQ on 13 Mar 2015 and efforts were made to observe 10th of every month as CAR FREE DAY.( Very brief Report attached)

Consequent to the above actions, the CCIL was served a closure notice  on 17 Aug 2015 but it was made null and void within 20 days for reasons best known to the State Govt because no improvement was done in CCIL in the name of ETPs.

The closure notice served to CCIL on 13 Dec 2017 is grossly misleading and may not be tenable in the Court of Law and if it so happens, the concerned officials should be brought to books. It has been mentioned in the said closure notice that the particulate matter level is 180 microgram per cubic meter. Firstly, it is not specified whether it is PM 2.5 or PM 10 because the safe limits for them are different i.e 60 and 100 microgram per cubic meter respectively. Secondly, when the ambient particulate matter in Ghaziabad is in the average range of more than 300, how come 180 of CCIL has become dangerous. This point need to be pondered over; whether it is by design or by accident.

Notwithstanding the aforesaid, the CCIL must be made to pay for the damages  already done. This Multi National Company CCIL was fined in two states of United States of America in Mar 2015 and the company was made to undertake the following actions:

·         Installation of most modern Effluent Treatment  Plants (ETPs)

·         Pay fine to a tune of 650000 dollars .

·         Take social corrective actions for the damages already done.

CCIL  agreed to all the three points mentioned above. Why can’t it be done for the Residents of Crossings Republik (Vjay Nagar ) who have suffered a lot at the hands of CCIL and ,mind you, the sufferings on account of Air Pollution are irrecoverable i.e the healthy years of your life have already been stolen for the financial benefit of a MNC.

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