Violence and killings expose real face of those agitating for injustice in name of reservation


Violence and killings on 02.04.2018 during Bharat Bandh expose real face of those agitating for continuing large-scale misuse of SC-ST Act. It is indeed unfortunate that vote-bank politics has brought all political parties too low that none of these has courage to support the justified Supreme Court verdict of 20.03.2018. None of the state-governments could exhibit courage to prevent miscreants from doing violence and heavy loss to public-property during the Bharat Bandh called against Supreme Court verdict. It was complete failure of constitutional provision gifted by Dr Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar which required administration to ensure compliance of judicial verdicts. However every type of high-handedness from government-machinery was there on students of general category agitating against extending reservation during infamous anti-Mandal agitation during VP Singh regime as Prime Minister.

Big question is if mute majority of general category already victim of bias in government-jobs will ever get its justified right to be protected against such violence and atrocities in name of reservation especially when political rulers cutting across party-lines have vote-bank compulsion to side with those getting benefits of reservation. If those fighting for reservation or political parties supporting them have any respect for Dr Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar, then they should ideally ask for abolition of policy of reservation which was incorporated in the constitution for just fifteen years by none other than Dr Ambedkar for developing homogeneousness in the society. On the contrary, the policy is spreading hatred amongst the society by alienating persons of reserved categories from normal society by making them identified separately.

Not only Supreme Court should stick to its decision of 20.03.2018, but even National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) should sue-motto take up cause of protecting human rights of those belonging to general category.

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