Vice President of India complimented for his speech at CIC-convention


Vice President of India while inaugurating annual CIC-convention on 06.12.2017 at Vigyan Bhawan (New Delhi) in his speech in his ever-humorous and heart-touching manner touched many points of interest of ordinary people like stressing on use of mother-tongue not only in national but even at international forums citing examples of other countries. His stress for simultaneous elections was also in larger national interest. Likewise his advocacy for timely decision on providing information linking his own swift decision on disqualifying two members from membership of Rajya Sabha was impressive.

But problem is that such nice talks are not practiced in practice. Central and state governments should focus that children at school-stage may restore to ancient practice by not calling mother and father on western lines with now commonly used terms Mummy, Daddy or Papa. Likewise central government should come up with concrete suggestion and legislation in this regard. His advocacy for swift decisions at government level was timely, and central and state governments should follow the same in practice.

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