Standardize consumables in car-industry: Ban production of diesel cars


Union government should induce standardization of common accessories like tyres and batteries so that same parts may be used in different models of cars produced by various car-manufacturers. It will heavily bring down cost of consumables through their bumper production in extra large numbers in some limited sizes and specifications. It can be achieved by merging some nearing sizes and specifications. Such guidelines though also mentioned in auto-policy of Union government, are never followed in actual practice.

Too many variants of any car-model confuse customers. There may be just two variants (apart from the third with automatic gears), one basic Lx for economy customers and the other Vx with all company-fitted extra accessories and luxuries for affording customers. There is no sense in having too many confusing variants like Lx, Lxi, Vx, Vxi for same model. India being biggest consumer-market amongst nations with free economy, it has certainly power to dictate its consumer-friendly terms for global market-leaders collaborating car-manufacture in India.

There is not much difference in procurement-price of diesel and petrol. But diesel is deliberately kept cheaper because it is used in transportation of goods and public. There is no sense and logic in passing on benefit of cheap fuel (diesel) to car-owners that too with most of costly and luxury cars now-a-days fitted with diesel engines. Central government should impose a total ban on any further production of diesel-driven cars in the country. Rather CNG being considered environmental-friendly fuel, compulsion of further production of cars with company-fitted CNG kit can also be considered. It will benefit consumers also because in days of odd-even, CNG fitted cars are allowed on days of week. Also cost of running with CNG is comparatively less than through petrol and diesel.

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