Reservation is basic cause of all trouble


It refers to welcome Supreme Court verdict on 20.03.2018 aimed to prevent misuse of SC-ST Act when immediate arrests will not be there under the Act. Moreover provision of advance bail has been added. Even permission of competent authorities and Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) will be necessary before arrest of any government-employee under the Act.

Root cause of problem is policy of Reservation which is in itself a big failure when it could not homogeneously mix people of reserved-categories in the society in stipulated 15 years initially fixed by constitution-makers and now for about seven decades after independence. In present era, policy of reservation is itself responsible for alienating persons of reserved categories from normal society by making them identified separately.

If reservation is to be continued indefinitely, all reserved categories like SC, ST or OBC should be merged into one single category with an annual review of progress or benefits made by different casts and tribes by virtue of Reservation. Communities with maximum postings and admissions may be deleted from reserved categories by taking these as creamy layers, leaving opportunities for reservation for really deserving backward categories. Also since backwardness in reserved categories is due to their generally having large families, benefits of reservations may be reserved for persons and families with upto two children only. Present system makes professional politicians (and their family-members) from reserved categories enjoy fruits of reservation-policy despite their being ultra rich and influential in politics and society.

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