Rajpal Yadav’s Open Letter on Selfie Death in India

Bollywood Actor Rajpal Yadav’s Open Letter for all the Selfie Lovers 


Dear selfie lovers,

Don’t we all love taking selfies of ourselves at home, at college, at public spaces, at outing points? We don’t miss a spot – we click selfies by the edge seashores and on mountain cliffs. Who cares if the very next second a massive sea wave sweeps us away to death or we make the hugest fall of our life into death. Selfie is the most important thing to us.

Self-love is the most common idea of love and each one of us should love yourself. But, not at the cost of losing our very life.

Selfies are meant to freeze a moment in your life with you in it so you can go back to that time and cherish it. But, a little irresponsibility while taking a selfie can freeze that moment and make it your last one alive.

I am playing a character called “selfie don” in my next film ‘Shaadi Teri Bajayenge Hum Band.’ I will be playing the role of one of those people who are obsessed with taking selfies. While I enact someone who is crazy about taking selfies, I feel it is my duty as a responsible adult to let all my viewers know that keep up your love for self but, not at the expense of your own life.

Go to cliff points, go to beaches and valleys, but, be safe while you’re capturing the special moments of life.

We have heard several stories in the news about people losing lives while taking selfies. News always brings to us stories about people carelessly taking selfies that ultimately cost them their lives.

Watch out for yourselves while you take memorable selfies. Wishing for the best for you all selfie lovers out there.

Yours truly,
Rajpal Yadav

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