Producer D. Vasu Begins His New Innings in Bollywood

D vasu

Life is a full of surprises. We are rarely ever able to wrap our heads around the way life happens to us. D Vasu hails from a humble background and he started off his life as a diamond polisher. Having spent many years in refining the precious stones, Vasu moved on to Real Estate business. He is a man of virtue and lived by the idea of striving to attain success in whatever task he took up.

Being a creative man by nature, he was always inclined towards storytelling. He enjoyed watching movies and was equally keen at making films of his own. After having tried his hands on a variety of career options, he has finally decided to delve into the field of creativity by making films. His first venture ‘Game Over’ has gone on to become a smash hit and is running successfully across the country.

He also produced the film, ‘Strawberry Point’, a solo character-driven thriller film that promises to keep its audience at the edge of their seats. He has a keen interest in the story development process, works very closely with his creative team and shapes each story keeping the target audience in mind.

Vasu’s latest film is evident to his movie-making prowess and gives us a fair glimpse of his talent in this field. He is truly exhibiting the skill of honing new talents in this film industry just like he polished out new precious diamonds earlier in his career. Without a doubt, he has an eye to recognize true talent. Here’s hoping Vasu has yet another successful run in his new venture and career with Strawberry Point available in Hindi and English both.

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