Parliamentarians opposing special courts to fast decide cases against MPs and MLAs


It refers to some Parliamentarians in Rajya Sabha opposing affidavit by central government in Supreme Court for setting up of twelve special fast track courts to expeditiously decide 1581 criminal cases pending against Parliamentarians and state-legislators. Significantly the leading Parliamentarian was one who saw ‘conspiracy’ in filing of an RTI application exposing since-rectified huge subsidy in Parliament canteens. It seems that some Parliamentarians desire that Parliamentarians should be above law in getting all types of privileges including special treatments and even heavy subsidies above ordinary people.

But interestingly this time, the same very Parliamrentarians pleaded equality with normal citizens for usual slow pace of court-cases while opposing special fast-track to decided criminal cases against Parliamentarians and state-legislators.

It is significant that such Parliamentarians never contest direct elections, but talk such differently in Rajya Sabha where they reach through indirect elections. Such anti-public and pro-Parliamentarian statements hardly come from Lok Sabha members because they have to face public directly in direct elections to Lok Sabha.

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