Mother Dairy can increase profitability by reducing fat-content from khoya


Mother Dairy can increase its profitability and sale by decreasing fat-contents in Khoya, which has selling price much higher than of normally available in open market. It is noted that higher price of Khoya marketed by Mother Dairy is because of heavy fat-content which in fact snatches softness in its use. Snatching fat-content from Khoya will make these softer for consumption, healthy and decrease in prices to level of market-price because of snatched fat-content being used for production of items like Ghee and Butter. Heavy sale of spurious Khoya in open market rather demands a total ban on sale of Khoya by unorganised sector. All Mother Dairy milk-booths should have all items produced and marketed by Mother Dairy as depicted on Mother Dairy website.

Since products of Mother Dairy are already very popular, therefore this public-sector-undertaking should also cut its advertisement-budget heavily. Not only Mother dairy, but even other milk-marketing giants like Amul spend heavily on newspaper-advertisements even for items like milk. Is it all necessary for essential item like milk.

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