Modified delimitation needed in Delhi before any next elections


Delimitation in Delhi should be streamlined by having two exclusive constituencies for trans-Yamuna areas with simplified names as ‘East Delhi’ and ‘Yamuna Vihaar’ with river Yamuna as boundary to separate rest of the five seats on other side of the river which could have easy names as ‘New Delhi’, ‘Old Delhi’, ‘South Delhi’, ‘North Delhi’ and ‘West Delhi’ eliminating confused nomenclature like North-East Delhi or North-West Delhi. All the seven Lok Sabha constituencies may comprise of ten assembly-seats even though twenty trans-Yamuna assembly-seats may have slightly less representation of voters. Major roads or rail-lines should be dividing boundaries between different constituencies. Such slight modifications can be done through an ordinance before forthcoming Lok Sabha polls.

There is a peculiar situation in UP-bordering areas like Abu Fazal Enclave (Delhi) where a very small area of western side of river Yamuna is still in UP. Such a peculiar situation should be avoided by Centre’s intervention to redefine Delhi-UP border very marginally with river Yamuna becoming boundary line between UP and Delhi for area near Abu Fazal Enclave.


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