Microsurgeon Dr Anuj pens a bestseller


Inarguably the most sought after micro surgeon of the country, Dr. Anuj Kumar has turned over a new leaf by penning his first fiction novel entitled ‘That Erotic Silence’ which has a very bold and a sensitive subject. Launched at the Lucknow Literary Festival, the book received widespread appreciation for bringing to fore an extremely sensitive and a pertinent issue. ‘That Erotic Silence’ is a thought provoking book which presents an emotional voyage of a child from age three till adolescence. It’s a journey, full of intrigue and the child’s close encounters with the sexual and sensual activities happening around him. His experiences and self revelations, in a pursuit to decipher the truth behind the actual meaning of love. It was his endless love for music, poetry, and nature that led him to penning his poetic thoughts in his Hindi poetry book entitled ‘Bhavranjini’.

Dr Anuj is presently serving as the Director of the Microsurgery Centre of Agra. He has been a visiting hand surgeon to various hospitals including the USA, Switzerland, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Australia and Thailand. An Ex. Visiting Consultant to the Department of Plastic surgery, Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals, New Delhi, he is presently Visiting hand Surgeon to Rainbow Hospital, Agra and Moolchand Hospital, Agra. The credit goes to him for Innovating a new technique that got labeled as ‘Kumar Technique’ by Hand Surgeons in Switzerland–” using of Mitek Anchor for fixing the biceps brach II tendon to radius in cases of acute evulsion injuries. His present field of work includes Replantation in Amputations of upper limb at various levels, Reconstructive surgery in hand following trauma and other acquired defects, Congenital hand problems in children, Vascular and Micro Vascular Surgery, Microneural surgery in hand and Brachial Plexus Surgery in cases of Trauma. Dr Anuj was conferred the prestigious P. N. Wahi Gold Medal for Pathology and B. C. Roy Gold Medal for Medicine. He has also been honoured with the Asia Pacific Fellowship (1999) – Prince of Wales Hospital, HONG KONG and the President’s Gold Medal for the Best Paper Presentation at the Annual conference of UP Chapter, Allahabad 2000.


Sharing more on his new book, Dr Anuj says, “It was an ‘inner calling’ that inspired me to penning my first fictional ‘book’ or ‘novel’ as one may like to refer to it as. The intense Subject discussed in the novel is quite germane. Having given the best years of my life to the Profession of Medicine, I strongly felt it was time for me to play a bigger role in the society which is what led me to take to donning the hat of an ‘author’. Journalists, Authors, Writers, Thinkers and Philosophers all, have had a critical role to play in the society with their ideas, thoughts and expressions. I have this innate desire to create awareness regarding myriad issues pertaining to the holistic development and grooming of young minds especially children. The dream of our Prime Minister’s ‘New India’ vision will be realized by initiating innovative and novel measures. School Counsellors have a pivotal role to play in not only helping the students cope with stress related issues, but also help them get rid of pre-conceived notions and social taboos.

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