Kadvi Hawa: The first Indian film based on a powerful tale of climate change!


Directed by Nila Madhab Panda, KadviHawa is a powerful and heartrending drama that captures the very real threat of climate change. The film stars Ranvir Shorey as a young bank loan recovery agent and Sanjay Mishra as a blind old farmer, two ordinary people fighting for survival in two extreme weather conditions, not of their making. The film also stars Tillotama Shome and Bhupesh Singh. As the star cast of the movie revealed the details of a movie with media in the press conference held in PVR Plaza, CP, Delhi.

While interacting with media, the entire team shared their views and experience about the movie. Nila Madhab Panda, the director of KadviHawa says “We have tried to make the film as eco-friendly as possible, as we all have a responsibility towards this planet. Let us spread the message of the sense of urgency that climate change is real, even though some leaders of the free world think it is a hoax!”

Whereas Sanjay Mishra I his own unique ways, revealed his thoughts, he said, “I feel really lucky to relate myself with such a cinema. This cinema is really important for us because till now there was no introduction on climate change was made. This is the first movie to reveal the global topic. I think climate gets the least priority in every field of life. And about climate issue, I would say before making a city smart, make citizens smart first.” While asking about his lead role in the movie Sanjay stated, “Being a lead role is a big responsibility. If this movie does well in future then I will feel more grateful for being a lead in this project.”

On the other hand, Ranvir Shorey also seemed confident and excited about the movie, he stated, “Every character needs its own preparation, whether it’s a serious role or comic. What I prepared for the character in the movie was my accent. The main difficulty for us was the place where we shot the film, in the month of June, July at Dhaulpur. I am pretty confident that people will love this movie.” Whereas, Tillotima said, “My character in the movie is simple, she silently witness the change in the climate. I am proud to be a part of such a concept as well talented cast.”


Well, Presented by Drishyam Films, Kadvi Hawa also got a Special Mention at the 64th National Film Awards.  And the film is set to release next week on 24 November 2017.

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