Eye-wash action against Fortis Hospital (Gurugram) by Haryana Government


Haryana Health Minister boasted bold by asserting swift and very strong action against Fortis Hospital (Gurugram) on an exorbitant bill of about rupees 18 lakhs for 15-days dengue-treatment of a seven-year old girl-child who could not be survived. Even according to the inquiry report, the hospital made profits upto 108 percent on medicines while some of the consumables were overcharged by more than 700 percent.

But lodging an FIR against a senior consultant rather than the hospital-management despite serious allegations including a bribe-offer to father of the deceased, it is likely that concerned officers of Haryana government might have been heavily bribed to save hospital-management through such meaningless eye-wash FIR. It seems that bold-looking Haryana Health Minister has no say on his department when his tweet at 8.27 am on 11.12.2017 confirmed FIR against hospital-management. Haryana government should take Delhi government as role-model which went upto immediate suspension of license of an erring fancy medical-industry named as Max Hospital (Shalimar Bagh).

Haryana government should also take to task office-bearers of Delhi Medical Association having issued advertisements in leading newspapers criticizing Anil Viz for his strong words for action against hospital, without uttering a single word in the said advertisement on such over-charging by hospital. DMA even threatened to inhumanly paralyses health-services in Delhi for action against the hospital for such an open loot.

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