Diva Khushali Kumar overcomes her bike fear fantastically while shooting for a music video with Guru Randhawa!


Well-known international Fashion designer turned actress Khushali Kumar has just finished shooting for a music video of composer-singer Guru Randhawa and Tulsi Kumar. As the first looks of Khushali Kumar’s new music video are out and in one of the images we can see Khushali up close and personal with singer-composer Guru Randhawa in a stunning biker’s look, riding on a cruiser bike. Therefore, the diva shared her experiences and revealed how she overcomes her fear of bikes while shooting with Guru.


 With a smile that how scared she has always been to ride a bike and how it still runs shivers down her spine when she even remembers what happened behind the scenes of such a romantic scene. Guru somehow sensed her fear of riding the bikes and played a prank on her and told her that he has just learnt how to ride the bike just a few days before the shoot and is not confident at all to drive on winding mountain roads and scared her to an extent that she was not even ready to sit on the bike, then at very last moment Guru Randhawa just like Bollywood hero showed off his solo biking skills in front of her and said he has always been fond of riding the bikes since his early village days and the whole shooting unit burst laughing, then he made her comfortable. The scene went as planned and everybody loved the romantic feelings she gave overcoming her fear. Her confidence changed the entire scene of the shoot.

   About her past experiences, Khushali achieved never before success in the field of fashion when she dressed international megastar Shakira, two times Grammy award winner singer Leann Rimes, Carman Electra, spice girl Melanie B and styled for Justin Bieber’s music video ‘Wait for a minute’. Her work has recently been recognized and rewarded by an award affiliated with Govt. of India’s Child and woman welfare ministry.

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