Congratulations central government and RBI on reduced premium on one-rupee notes


One-rupee notes suddenly re-issued on 06.03.2015 at Nathdwara Temple (Rajasthan) by the then Union Finance secretary Rajiv Mahrishi after a gap of two long decades just for bureaucratic craze of their signatures printed on notes, were sold at exorbitant premium of fifteen hundred rupees per pack of 100 pieces in wholesale market of new currency and coins at that time. It is interesting that hardly a very few persons are aware of such a note having been re-issued, what to talk about having possessed one as souvenir or even seen.

Central government and Reserve Bank of India (RBI) have reasons to cheer that premium of these notes in wholesale market has now come down heavily at rupees five hundred per pack of 100 pieces with situation of their never coming in actual circulation remaining the very same as was on 06.03.2015. Officers of Department of Economic Affairs, Department of Banking and RBI should be complimented for increased supply of one-rupee notes to sellers of new currency at premium where members of public now can get these notes at five-time premium rather than earlier fifteen-times premium.

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