Chief Justice of Delhi should look into road-blocks during BCD elections: Delhi Traffic police also accountable


It refers to two-day election-programme for Bar Council of Delhi (BCD) held on 16-17.03.2018 at premises of Delhi High Court after nine years where about 52000 advocates were eligible to vote for 25 members out of total 773 candidates. But big question is who allowed candidates blocking roads and footpaths to set up their booths and parking cars. Courts are always very sensitive to ensure that problems to citizens are not there in general polls or specific elections like for Delhi University Students Union (DUSU). Even guidelines are issued in court-orders for sensible type of elections for DUSU. But no such court-directions were ever visible for BCD elections which according to media-reports even caused hindrance in movement of ambulances what to talk about great difficulty to road-users on all roads in vicinity of Shershah Marg which was completely closed for traffic. Spacious multi-level automated car-parking developed at huge cost at Shershah Marg could not be used because of closure of the road. It is significant that court-directions are always there for allowing use of roads even during traditional religious-processions continuing much before independence of the country like 11-day Ramlila procession in the city.

Chief Justice of Delhi should take sue-motto cognizance of nuisance of causing massive disruption in traffic-movement during BCD elections, and provide clarification on the matter publicly. Delhi Traffic Police is also answerable and should reveal on whose directions it allowed such blocking of roads and footpaths with cars parked without being challaned on all roads in vicinity of totally closed Shershah Marg during BCD elections. It was also not proper that it was a two-day election-programme when even general polls and DUSU elections with much-much more number of voters are completed in one day.

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