Bollywood Director Shadab Siddiqui comes in support of Sri Reddy after she Stripped in Public to Protest Alleged Sexual Harassment

Telugu actor Sri Reddy was detained by the Hyderabad police on Saturday after holding a semi-nude protest outside the Telugu Film Chamber of Commerce. She resorted to the protest after making allegations of sexual exploitation against certain filmmakers without naming them.
The actor, who has been speaking about the ‘casting couch’ – a euphemism for sexual harassment – in Tollywood, shocked onlookers and the media by taking off her top and putting her arms across her chest.
After the incident Shadab Siddiqui a 25-year-old young director, who is well known for creating an impact on minds of many through his insightful direction went on to twitter in support of the protest using #ISupportSriReddy”
Shadab Said, “तमिल फिल्मों की एक्ट्रेस #srireddy का अपने साथ हुए शारीरिक शोषण के विरोध में नंगी होनाबहुत अफसोसनाक है,किसी लड़की का यूँ सरे आम कपड़े उतारदेना बहुत साहस का काम है. मैं #SriReddy कासमर्थन करता हूँ क्योंकिये सिर्फ #SriReddy की आवाज़ नहीं लाखों लड़कियों की आवाज़ है #ISupportSriReddy”

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