It has been a rather dark week for the Telugu Film Industry. Upcoming actress Sri Reddy went on a semi-nude protest to voice the state of sexual harassment of upcoming Tollywood actresses. The act has been supported by a host of celebrities who have said that what Sri Reddy has done is a slap on the entire Telugu Film Industry and amendments must be brought in. Sri Reddy’s protest is a wakeup call for not only Tollywood but for Bollywood as well.

Bollywood Actor, Rohit Kumar, too voiced his support for Sri Reddy. He said that what she did was right and this move will certainly shut a few mouths and the culprits behind it all will be brought into the light. He was deeply disgusted with the state of Sexual Harassment in not only in Tollywood but in Bollywood as well. He stressed that newcomers must be protected and made to feel accepted in a good way. He also added that due to a few corrupt people, the entire film industry is brought out in a negative light.

Rohit Kumar too is a new entrant into the Bollywood scene. His recent Hindi Film, ShaadiTeri Bajayaenge Hum Band was a roaring success and he was highly praised for his performance in the film. He is expected to sign up for more upcoming films and showcase his immense acting talents.

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