Banning of film ‘Padmavati’ will prevent playing with religious sentiments of majority community in future


It is a matter of satisfaction that even prominent opposition leaders like Punjab Chief Minister Captain Amrinder Singh has joined leaders of ruling BJP in opposing screening of controversial film ‘Padmavati’ said to have distorted historical facts hurting religious sentiments of majority community, apart from glorification of a cruel Mughal emperor. Now only pseudo-secularists and self-certified tolerant ones of notorious award-returning groups are favouring screening of the film. It is ridiculous in inviting people to first see the movie and then take a decision about contents of the film. It will serve the real purpose of minting even extra money through creation of controversies.

It is clear that film-makers never risk their money by making such films which may even generate a little controversy from minority communities, because they are very well aware that screening of such films in a country till in previous regime dominated by pseudo-secularism cannot be practically possible. Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) for far-reaching consequences, should not pass the controversial film. Then only film-makers in future will not risk their money in making films playing with religious sentiments of majority community.

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