An International Conference held by “Indian Women Pilots Association” & “International Women Professionals in Aviation & Aerospace”

“Indian Women Pilots Association”

IWPA stands for Indian Women Pilots Association and International Women Professionals in Aviation and Aerospace. IWPA is a non-profitable Charitable Trust with its headquarters in Mumbai. The President of IWPA Ms. Harpreet A.De Singh stated that various events were held throughout the year to celebrate the Golden Jubilee of IWPA.

An International Conference on Women in Aviation and Aerospace has been planned on 19th December 2017 for showcasing the women power in India with the theme “Bhartiya Nari ki Udaan Shakti” as a part of the Hon’ble Minister’s motto on “Beti Bachao Beti Padao”.

This is also a platform which for the first time will bring women from all across the country together, representing not only Civil Aviation, but also the Defence and Aerospace and other Aeronautical sectors. Besides, it will display women power in Aviation and Aerospace wherein India, in fact, has a higher percentage of women in these technical areas compared to the rest of the world. This Conference not only includes women achievers across aviation and Aerospace organizations but it also includes school children from standard 9th to 12th who could be motivated to take careers in Aviation and Aerospace.

IWPA as a part of its Golden Jubilee Celebrations has recognized various women achievers and professionals in the field of aviation and aerospace. IWPA is a forum for women who have the spirit to take up the challenges in pursuit of excellence. President, IWPA Mrs. Harpreet A.De.Singh is also the Chief of Flight Safety of Air India and is the first and only women in India to hold this post. The General Secretary Capt. Sangeeta Bangar is also an Examiner on the Airbus A320.

The IWPA has formed 50 years ago in 1967, with Chanda Budhabhatti (Chair Person and Founder President), Rabia Futehally, Mohini Shroff, Dr. Sunila Bhajekar, Mangala Joshi & Kumudini Rawal. The IWPA objectives include primarily to reach out and educate women about aerospace and aviation, undertaking aviation awareness programmes and encouraging women at all levels in other career-related pursuits especially in the professionally male-dominated areas. It has a large membership all over India. The IWPA is also the India Section of the Ninety-Nines, Inc., whose founder member and President were Amelia Earhart of the USA.

IWPA has encouraged for the last 50 years a large number of women and some of their key founder members are on Board of Trustees and include the famous Capt. Saudamini Deshmukh who was the first Commander in India, Capt. Nivedita Bhasin the youngest Jet Commander. Capt. Sunita Narula and Capt. Kshamta Bajpai who have recently commanded the all-women crew around the world create history along with President, Mrs. Harpreet A.De Singh doing LOSA checks as a Safety Auditor on board, are all IWPA members.

With the support of the government and the Ministry and the enthusiasm of all the women involved who have broken the glass ceiling, this body of IWPA could be the catalyst for supporting the government in policy and bonding the organizations together for enhancing the growth of Aviation & Aerospace in India.

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